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We welcome your interest and encourage your participation! 

Hot Topics event, "Water Quality and Quantity, Slideshow

Hot Topics/Water Concerns

Natural Resources

To join or for more information, contact Committee Chairperson Margaret R. Stewart

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Meeting details...

Please join us at our monthly meeting on May 24 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Valencia College Winter Park, Room 106. 


  *Non-members may visit once, but in order to participate they must become members of the LWVOC.  Click Member Signup / Information to join today!

2018-2019 Program

1. Provide community outreach and education on timely environmental topics through informational resources, expert speakers, and instructive events.
2. Coordinate with community partners to preserve and protect our natural resources and environmentally sensitive land.
3. Continue to advocate for ecological integrity through opposition of damaging activities such as bear hunts, offshore drilling, fracking, and overconsumption of natural resources.
4. Support and promote the expansion of renewable energy in Orange and Seminole Counties by advocating for 100% Renewable Energy Pledges and Solar Co-op programs.

Solar Workshop 1/2018 Volunteers

Join the Orange County WEST Solar Co-op today!


Orange County homeowners who live west of I-4 are invited to join with their neighbors to access affordable solar pv for their homes. When homeowners join the Co-op, they learn if their homes are suitable for solar pv and they receive info on solar equipment, solar financing, and how the solar co-op helps them to bundle their buying power to receive a competitive price

on solar pv.
There is no fee to join and no obligation to sign the contract
presented.  Everyone is invited to attend a free, public "Solar Info Meeting" to learn more.


Please attend our first info session

June 4, 2018, 6:00-7:30

John Bridges Community Center, Building A
445 West 13th Street.
Apopka, FL 32703

For the League's position on the Osceola Parkway Eastern Extension, please see below:

For the League's position on latest Lake Pickett development plans, please see below...

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