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We join with the League of Women Voters of Florida Gun Safety Action Team and the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence to advocate for Florida legislation aimed at:

1.  Ban on all semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines.
2.  Comprehensive universal background checks.
3.  Defeating unsafe gun legislation that increases access to guns by dangerous persons, those at risk for suicide, and children.



3/12/18 Gun Safety Committee mtg.

6:30 - 8:30 pm

4/9/18 Gun Safety Committee mtg.

6:30 - 8:30 pm

5/14/18 Gun Safety Committee mtg.

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Gun Safety

To join or for more information, contact Committee Chairs:     

Gloria Pickar

Lisa Calleja

For Members Only Forums

Committee Meetings

Please join us on the 2nd Monday each month, 6:30-8:30 PM, in Room 106 of the Valencia Winter Park campus, 850 W. Morse Blvd.  There is visitor parking behind the building, but take care to avoid faculty and student parking.



See LWVFL Position on 2018 Gun Bills 

2018 Legislative Session - Gun Bills

Contact the Central Florida Legislative Delegation


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2017 Florida Legislation Wrap Up


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Read About Bills Here
Read About Bills Here
SB 128/HB 245 Self-Defense Immunity; Places the burden of proof on the state OPPOSE; PASSED

SB 254/ HB 1409 Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines; Bans the sale or transfer of assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines SUPPORT; DIED

SB 610/HB 819 Firearms; Requires a business, organization or entity that prohibits a concealed weapon  or firearm licensee from carrying a weapon or firearm onto its property to assume certain responsibility for the safety and defense of such licensee OPPOSE; DIED

SB 616 Authorizing a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to temporarily surrender a weapon or firearm if the licensee approaches courthouse security or management personnel upon arrival OPPOSE; DIED

SB 618/HB 6001 Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Permits airport carry  OPPOSE; DIED

SB 622 Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Prohibits a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee from carrying a concealed weapon or firearm into any athletic event for a K-12 school, college or university not related to firearms; Deletes exception authorizing student, employee or faculty licensee to carry specified nonlethal weapons OPPOSE;DIED

SB 626 Concealed Weapons and Firearms; Authorizes a concealed weapons or concealed firearms licensee to carry a concealed weapon or firearm into any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality or special district NEUTRAL;DIED

SB 644 Openly Carrying a Handgun; Authorizes open carry OPPOSE; DIED

SB 646/HB 779 Weapons And Firearms; Providing that a person licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm who is lawfully carrying a firearm does not violate certain provisions if the firearm is temporarily and openly displayed; authorizing each member of the Florida Cabinet to carry a concealed weapon or firearm if he or she is licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm and does not have full-time security provided by the Department of Law Enforcement, etc. OPPOSE; DIED

SB 1052/ HB 677 Justifiable Use of Force; Specifies person who is attacked or threatened with use of force in dwelling, residence or vehicle in which person has right to be has no duty to retreat and has right to stand their group by using or threatening to use force upon reasonable belief of necessity to prevent imminent death, great bodily harm or forcible felony OPPOSE; PASSED

SB 908/ HB 803 Licenses to concealed carry weapons or firearms; permits concealed carry everywhere OPPOSE; DIED

SB 1196/ HB 809 Firearm Purchases; Requires FDLE to include questions concerning potential firearm buyer’s criminal history or other information relating to a person’s eligibility to make purchase on stand form for potential buyers SUPPORT; DIED

SB 142/ HB 835 Relating to Safe Storage of Loaded Firearms; Revises locations and circumstances in which loaded firearm is required to be kept or secured with trigger lock; Removes provisions relating to conditions for committing crime of failing to safely store, leave or secure loaded firearm in specified manner SUPPORT; DIED

SB 1330/ HB 849 Weapons and Firearms; Revises provisions prohibiting possession and discharge or weapons or firearms on school property or during school-sanctioned activities OPPOSE; DIED

SB 648/ HB 957 Weapons and Firearms; Increases penalties for person who exhibits weapons in certain SUPPORT; DIED way in presence of one or more person on or near school; Increases penalties for person who stores or leaves loaded firearm within reach of minor who commits specified violations; Increases penalties for person who discharges weapon or firearm in violation of specified 
provision or fails to store or leave firearm in specified manner 

SB 1506/ HB 1103 Domestic Violence; Prohibits persons subject to temporary injunctions against specified forms of violence from possessing firearms or ammunition; Requires law enforcement officer to take temporary custody of firearms at scene of domestic violence, stalking or cyberstalking, or repeat violence, dating violence, specifies that texting violates protective SUPPORT; DIED

SB 1334/ HB 1113 Sale and delivery of firearms; requires parties, if neither party to firearm transaction is licensed dealer, to complete transaction through licensed dealer; expands background checks SUPPORT; DIED 

SB 1248/ HB 6013 Breach of Peace; Deletes provisions that provide criminal penalties for certain conduct constituting a breach of the peace NEUTRAL; DIED 

SB 1322/ HB 171 Firearm Violence Awareness Month; Urges Congress to designate September 2017 as “Firearm Violence Awareness Month”  SUPPORT; DIED 

HB 6005 Licenses to Concealed Carry Weapon or Firearm; Permits Campus Carry OPPOSE; DIED

HB 6039 Licenses to Concealed Carry Weapon or Firearm; Deletes provisions prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into specified public meetings or into career centers OPPOSE; DIED

HJR 291/SJR 912 Joint Resolution Exempting Law Enforcement Officers from Handgun Purchase Waiting Period: Proposes amendments to s. 8, Art. I & s. 5, Art. VIII of State Constitution to exempt law enforcement officers from 3-day waiting period for handgun purchases & under any county ordinance requiring waiting period. OPPOSE; DIED

SJR 910/HJR 291 Joint Resolution Exempting Law Enforcement Officers from the Waiting Period for Handgun Purchases; Proposing amendments to the State Constitution to exempt law enforcement 
officers from the 3-day waiting period for handgun purchases under state law and under any county ordinance requiring a waiting period for handgun purchases, etc.  NEUTRAL; DIED

HB 809/SB 1196 General Firearm Purchases: Requires FDLE to include questions concerning potential firearm buyer’s criminal history or other information relating to person’s eligibility to make purchase on standard form for potential buyers; requires FDLE to notify law enforcement officials when potential sale or transfer receives non-approval number; provides requirements for such notice. SUPPORT; DIED

HB 941/SB 1584 General Reclassification of Offenses Involving Certain Firearms or Additional Firearm Magazines: Provides for reclassification of offenses committed while in possession of firearm or weapon capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition or in possession of firearm & more than one magazine for firearm. SUPPORT; DIED

SB 956/HB 1355 General Concealed Weapons or Concealed Firearms; Requiring the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to issue a license if, in addition to other specified criteria, the applicant has undergone a mental health evaluation conducted by certain licensed professionals and has been determined to be competent, etc NEUTRAL; DIED 

HB 1197/SB 1690 General School Resource Officer Programs: Encourages school resource officer to be placed at each public school in district; authorizes part-time law enforcement officer to be school resource officer or school safety officer; provides requirements for funding certain school resource officers’ & school safety officers’ salaries.  NEUTRAL; DIED

SB 1510 General Crime Reports; Requiring the Criminal Justice Information Program to submit an annual report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, etc. NEUTRAL; DIED

SB 1518/HB 6033 General Medical Privacy Concerning Firearms; Deleting a provision preventing a health care practitioner or facility from entering disclosed information concerning patient firearm ownership into a patient’s medical record under certain circumstances; deleting a provision preventing a health care practitioner or facility from making a written inquiry or asking questions concerning a patient’s ownership of firearms or ammunition under certain circumstances; conforming provisions in the Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to changes made by the act, etc. SUPPORT; DIED




Patti Brigham (above) quoted in a recent article: "What we have here in Florida are top-down bills," Brigham said. "They are not coming from grass roots. They are not coming because Floridians are clamoring for guns on campus. They are coming because of the NRA and its proponents in the halls of the Legislature."
"Putting a gun on a college campus just doesn't make sense," Brigham said. "Why would you want to make a college environment more dangerous?"