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2018-2019 Board of Directors
Back row (l-r):  Terry Gillam, Sara Rich, Angela Melvin, Leesa Bainbridge, Pat Grierson, Karen Estrin
Front row (l-r): Christine Bramuchi, Sandi Vidal, Andrea Kobrin, Barbara Granade, Theo Webster, Brenda Alston
Not shown:  Gloria Pickar, Reanna Stout, Margaret Stewart, Elizabeth Bosserman

The MISSION of The League Of Women Voters is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government. 
It works to increase the understanding of major public policy issues, therefore, influencing a positive outcome through education
and advocacy.  Our goal is to empower citizens to shape better communities worldwide.

  • The League is a non-partisan political organization; it does not endorse or oppose political candidates or parties at any level of government.

  • After careful study and consensus, the League chooses to support or oppose political issues.

We recognize the role of political parties in our form of government and believe that participation in the
activities of the political parties is an essential ingredient of citizen responsibility
While the League urges its members to be politically active, certain constraints are necessary in order to
maintain the non-partisanship of the organization.
We are a nonprofit member organization, non tax-deductible 501(c)4 corporation. 
Board officers and directors are elected at an annual meeting by League members.
No Board member is a paid staff member of LWVOC.


The League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 during the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.
That meeting was held six months before ratification of the Constitution’s 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

From its inception, the League has been an activist, grassroots organization, believing that educating citizens plays a critical role in advocacy.

Representatives Beth Johnson of
Orlando and Woodie Liles of Plant City
The League got its official start in Florida in 1939 when women in Winter Haven, Winter Park and St. Petersburg initiated the Florida League of Women Voters. Our local unit became the Winter Park/Orlando League.

As Florida grew in population, the League membership also grew, adding men as well as women. In the ‘60s it became the League of Women Voters of Orange County.

Several members from LWV Orange County have served as president of the League of Women Voters of Florida.

The first League member elected to the Florida Legislature was Beth Johnson, from Orlando, who served in both the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate.


For the League of Women Voters of
Orange County bylaws, Click HERE